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This is where Basil80 puts all the Basil80 Bento Boxes.

There will be more links to more information as things change: when new boxes are added to the collection, when photos of the collection are taken, etc.

Currently, we are a (mostly) vegan/omnivore household, interested in cooking foods we can both enjoy.

Bento Challenge lunch 14

Bento Challenge lunch 14: breakfast

This is not the lunch you are looking for... No, really. This was breakfast.

Vegan pancakes, vegan bacon, real maple syrup and "butter". NOM!

Bento Challenge lunch 14

Not technically vegan, as the pizza crust has honey. CPK vegetarian pizza with japanese eggplant, sans cheese leftovers. White beans with italian dressing, carrot sticks, sweet/bitter pickles lovingly made at home.

Bento Challenge: week 4, lunch 13

I didn't take photos of two of my lunches last week. They just weren't that cool/cute or I remembered half way through eating them.

But I like how this lunch turned out, so I took photos:

Bento Challenge lunch 13

Brown rice from my freezer stash, curried kidney beans and leftover stir fry cabbage. The hot curried kidneys and stir fry were wonderful with the brown rice. Might have been better with some sticky white rice. But, I digress.

Bento Challenge lunch 13: closed  ABento Challenge lunch 13: closed B

This is how I carried my bento to work today. I got the wrap from the Target bin and tied three whole knots to keep the thing together. I love how it forms a little handle!

Bento Challenge Wrap-Up: Week 3

Ok, I didn't take as many pictures this week. And I didn't meet my goal, but it really was a busy week and a week from hell.

Things I learned:
* It's ok to take it easy on yourself.
* When you don't have time to bento, frozen bento works!
* If you like bento, stop doing it and then start again and stop, even for a day, you miss it.

Bento Challenge lunch 10

Bento Challenge lunch 10

Cabbage stir-fry (leftovers from the freezer), potato to nuke, Boca burger, small cabbage "flower", homemade pickles and grape tomatoes.

Bento Challenge lunch 10: closed

My first ever bento, this Totoro box has a special place in my heart, so I mostly use it for special occasions.
So... It's Monday.... And I haven't posted Friday's lunch yet.... Oops.

Bento Challenge lunch 9

UnBeef Stew off of vegweb.com, home baked bread (I can't get them taller than that! UGH!) and an apple.

Bento Challenge lunch 9: closed

This is the "box" I used to pack this lunch. Because I have access to a fridge and microwave at work, I used this (totally awesome) Tupperware box. The little flap on top snaps open and closed so you can vent it for in the microwave. Cool, huh?

Week 2 of the Bento Challenge went really well! I met most of my goals and what I didn't meet, I'm comfortable with. Week 3, on the other hand, might not go so well.


Bento Challenge lunch 8

Bento Challenge lunch 8

Highest calorie box so far: 548. PB&Pumpkin butter sandwich, dates, and vinegary cucumbers in the big tier. Raw cabbage, bell peppers, baby corn, grape tomatoes and carrots in the smaller tier.


Bento Challenge lunch 7

Bento Challenge lunch 7

Vegweb Totally Awesome Tacos, 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 a green bell pepper in strips, 4 grape tomatoes and an orange. Roughly 268 calories (big dinner planned tonight).

All that wrapped up fine in my "Funny Love" bandanna... Love that Pucca.

If I can just keep this going, I might make it to the end of the challenge!

Bento Challenge lunch 5

Bento Challenge lunch 6

Great stir-fry, fried tofu, bright red grape tomatoes on the "bottom" tier. Sticky rice with a grape tomato in the "top" tier. Not pictured: a small apple. Mostly leftovers from last night's dinner.

This is one of my favorite boxes, technically a "boyfriend" bento box. It says "Pleasure Supply: The simple form makes a beautiful and practical lunch box. You can have full realization of its high quality, use by use."


Bento Challenge: week 2, bento 1

I'm still on track! Go, me!

Bento Challenge lunch 5

Pretty basic, huh? Vegweb Good & Spicy Chili, Vegweb Cornmeal Bake, small salad, tangerine, sparkling water. Not pictured: Light Asian dressing. Total calories per Sparkpeople.com? 211. I will be adding some nuts as a snack, later.

Bento Challenge lunch 4

Or, Poo in a HK Box.

Bento Challenge lunch 4

Looks yucky, tastes good! Vegweb.com has served me well again! This is the first thing I've made with nutritional yeast (occasionally called "nooch" at our house) that has actually been improved by the nooch. I'm very pleased! The only addition I made to the recipe was 1/2 a minced jalapeno pepper.

Not pictured: huge bucket of water and frozen fruit side.

Pictures of the closed box are available on Flickr.



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